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We are excited to have you take TOUGH™ to campus with you.  Raising awareness for our mission is what this is all about.  Every shirt, hat, & sticker shares the message that we are working to end pediatric brain cancer.  

To begin, look at the list of Colleges & Universities that are already on board.  If your school is listed, your next step is easy- head to the SHOP TOUGH™ & pick out your favorite.

If your school isn't listed, then complete the registration below.

We chose TOUGH™ because as the title of our campus program with a lot of thought.  As this spreads, we want you to connect with this work in a very personal way.  Your TOUGH™ because allows you to think about that connection.  The why is important to us.  It's what drives us at R33M.  We want to know your why.  And share as much as you'd like, we're good listeners.

At the end of this registration we ask you to complete "TOUGH™ because...." and make it a sentence.  This is where we learn why you are interested.  Why you want to be involved.  

These are some of our TOUGH™ because statements here at R33M:

because I like making a difference.

because it has touched my heart.

because a family member had a brain tumor.

because I want to do something for others who need my help.

because he was my brother.

because he was my son.

  • Belmont
  • BYU
  • Clemson
  • Creighton
  • Edgewood
  • Georgetown
  • Illinois
  • iowa
  • Kansas State
  • Miami University
  • michigan
  • Michigan State
  • ole Miss
  • nebraska
  • north dakota
  • North Park
  • Olivet Nazarene
  • Taylor 
  • utah state
  • uw-milwaukee
  • wash u
  • west virginia
  • wheaton
  • whitworth
  • wisconsin
register your school here:

Thanks! We got your registration. You will hear back from us soon. Thank you for wanting to bring TOUGH™ because & R33M to your campus.

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